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You want to do this professionally and tastefully? – and willing to put a meaningful budget behind it?

Ideally to hire a professional to produce erotic fantasy shoot and have it captured and professionally filmed. But, again, completely private and for your use only? You saw my website and thought maybe this is something you would like to book? Please look at price page and an extra section for NDA shoot. 

Couple’s Boudoir Photography Glamour Photoshoot 

Erotic Photographer in London available for wide range photoshoots like Couples Boudoir, Artistic Nudes, Dating Photos, Fetish and BDSM Photography, choose your style or mix and match per one session. Also sexy models can keep you company for soft and explicit studio photoshoots. Male and female models will make your experience even more enjoyable. I can reassure that the atmosphere we will create will be very comfortable and you will lose all your inhibitions.

Happy hour studioglamour Boudoir Photography
Bridal Boudoir Photography, Escort and Dating Photography, Dudoir Photography, BDSM and Fetish shoots are studio speciality services for singles and couples.

Letter from the couple:

Me and My fiancee are looking at doing an erotic boudoir shoot by photo shoot or sex scene together by video.

Please can you advise how it works? – I shoot usually a range of erotica starting from soft to explicit photographs, leaving room for the video at the end as the hot and juicy moments most couples want to enjoy are the for a film.

My best package for couples has both, first part the shoot and second filming. 2h session coverage starting with basic makeover and glass of bubbly for a Lady and continue choosing and trying sexy outfits in the dressing room, where we decide what scenes we want to shoot, choose and match in detail including accessories, props, toys. ect

Studioglamour Boudoir Photography London
Boudoir, couples glamour and explicit photos,

If this is your first time then you do not need to worry, as you will know what to do! – before the shoot take place we agree on scenes, posing, lights and background, and you will get my advice through the time we shoot.


My popular couples package for 2020 include both photography and film, I have a couples 2h penetration shoot session were a first part is soft erotica and explicit shoot  and second part making love scenes and video shoot with a happy end,
I have many outfits and accessories, props at my studio so you do not need to bring anything really unless you have some ideas I am always welcome and love experiment…

All the highlight from the shoot will be yours, also you will get to choose 30best images for editing and receive them in colour and black and white on USB with the soft porn video most of my clients are not a models but ordinary people like you willing to try this experience, so obviously I will be directing you and leading all the way through, nothing to worry about, and lastly, it is normal to be nervous and excited as this is your first time.
you would need to find the date suit you both so I can book you in for a session, to confirm your shoot deposit is required £100 payable in advance by bank transfer or by PayPal.

Photographing a person and creating shoot successful has a lot to do with a personal connection and that is photographers job! – also making sure your model is feeling comfortable and being a photographer is being respectful.

The photographic studio is PROFESSIONALLY Set in a spacious comfortable homely environment, with changing and makeover area. offering a vast range of FANTASY shoots, intimate and very personal sensual and explicit photography and video.

Couples Boudoir Photography in London, Bridal Boudoir Photography, Escort Boudoir Photography, Dudoir Photography, BDSM and Fetish
Couples Boudoir Photography- Dudoir – Explicit -BDSM- Shoot- in London

Here are the tips Shooting With A Model

1. Give Positive Feedback

2. Show Them the Good Photos

3. Play Music That the Model Enjoys

4. Direct More, Pose Less

5. Save Posing/Concept Ideas to Your Phone.

Couples Boudoir Photography in London, Bridal Boudoir Photography, Escort Boudoir Photography, Dudoir Photography, BDSM and Fetish
Photoshoot With Sexy Models In London

We make all the arrangements for your beauty/erotic photo session, as it is really essential to use professionals to get the best result. Be a start for a day and go home with amazing images. This is a perfect opportunity to get new Studio experience and sexy shots, delivered in digital format on USB for taking away on the same day.

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