Lingerie Photography at Studio Glamour always presents timeless sensual feminine beauty. We like to make it look modern and explore various lighting options, trying soft and contrasty colours with different styling positions. We will encourage to display your sexuality showing the lingerie in the way appealing to mens eye.

We want our model to be able illuminate sensual energy and express the feenigs throug the image. She will be captured in flattering poses and we always guiding her to show her perfect body and silky skin with tease intentions covered just partially her sexual curvy nature with see through underwear. We like her to feel beautiful and show these memories to her loved later.

At StudioGlamour we choose textures and accessories accompanied by erotic image elements to fill the frame at tell the story about her being a “naughty girl” when we shooting lingerie images. Usually lingerie photography is shot in bedroom environment and we feel that when the model is comfortable and relax the image takes us to her perfection. 

If you would like to learn more about our lingerie photgraphy in London service then please feel free to contact the team at Studio glamour anytime so we can run through how we work and out pricing structures for these type of photo-shoots!

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